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The most profitable choice you can make today is to OWN/LEASE A FARMLAND

The FARMLAND that food is produced on today, is the LAND on which the city of tomorrow is built upon. Buying a farmland is your ticket to owning a portion of the city of tomorrow.

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We are the Future of Agroforestry in Nigeria

With a mandate to create a perfectly sustainable synchronization between food production and the concept of economical afforestation, DUFMA Farmland, a subsidiary of DUFMA Integrated Agritech Service Ltd (DUFMA IAS Ltd) RC1907956, is using a carefully laid out blueprint. The blueprint would champion the future of agroforestry across southern Nigeria.

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The choice to go into farming as a means to grow sustainable wealth should never be the reason to not care for the Planet.

Partner with DUFMA by buying our farmland to farm sustainably!



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Farmland for as low as ₦200,000

Farmland for as low as ₦200,000

Grow Your Own Food & Earn with DUFMA's Cassava Cluster Program!

Get up to 100 Acres Free Farmland Lease

Ever wanted to farm but scared of how to go about it productively? DUFMA's Cassava Cluster program offers a FREE 100-acre farmland lease in Ogun or Oyo State, Nigeria! This is your chance to:

  • Be Your Own Boss: Plant and harvest cassava for your family or sell it for profit!
  • Save Money: Low production costs mean you keep more of what you earn.
  • Join a Thriving Community: Learn from and collaborate with other cassava farmers.
  • Streamlined Success: Plant and harvest together for a guaranteed market after each season.

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Don't miss this incredible opportunity to grow your own food and secure your financial future.

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Ijaye, Ibadan, Oyo State

With over 100 acres of farmland at Ijaye - Iware stakeholders can directly farm with about 10 million population of Ibadan in mind.

Benefits of Ijaye Farmland:

  1. About 40 — 50Minute Drive to Mokola
  2. Nearness to unlimited Market.